I’m not the most elusive person on the web, but I decided to make it easier and post my outposts around the internet.

  • Steam Powered Pencils: the old sketch blog that came before my shiny and wonderful tumblr
  • Singing “Nobody Will Ever Remember Me”…: my shiny and wonderful tumblr sketch blog
  • thnks fr te mmrs: my photo blog, home to the good bits of my hobby photography
  • It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Fumes…: a joint vinyls blog with Melissa “Mooshu” Barnhill, showcasing our customized toys and small figures
  • Of All The Gin Joints…: Etsy shop with custom vinyls, prints, and the occasional original
  • Sometimes, Allie Paints Things…: livestream channel that is quite often, when live, filled with random and things that won’t make very much sense at all to you… oh, and drawing or painting things, I suppose…
  • Twitter: a highly addictive social networking platform, this one mostly consisting of tumblr posts, things about Fall Out Boy, conversation that make so little sense it hurts, and sometimes art
  • deviantART: an online art community and gallery, where most finished pieces can be found
  • CGHub: another, more professional online art community and gallery, with more polished works
  • Flickr: a photo community and gallery, this one consisting of Allie pretending that she’s an awesome photographer at live shows
  • Buzznet: a social networking platform
  • Friends Or Enemies: another social networking platform, but with more Pete Wentz
  • MySpace: yet another social networking platform that’s really only for keep tabs on bands
  • Facebook: …I’m sure you can guess…
  • Last.FM: ano– oh, wait, this is for music, never mind.
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