About Me

Allie Bustion is a 23-year-old would-be illustrator fresh off the animator’s career path at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. The end, or at least graduation, is now in the proverbial rearview. Diploma received, fist pump and long nap had. Plans now include taking the gallery world by storm, forcing her way into Image/Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/Vertigo/whoever-will-take-her if it kills her, seeing just how hard it is to get into animation pre-production, working on projects that involve friends and music, and going to as many shows in as many places as humanly possible without going completely broke and being forced out onto the Chicago streets.

Her goals for the moment are tied entirely in making that degree worth it. And, you know, the other stuff too. That’d be pretty cool. Maybe submitting to festivals too but we’re going to take it slow and be cool about that part.

Her work is a blend of everything she takes in: people on the streets, music, the work of other artists, funny anecdotes… Anything and everything is a potential impetus for something new. She lives by the idea that ideas that anything can be art so long as there is a little bit of soul behind it, it’s not worth doing if you hate it, and taking a leap of faith will never not be a good experience if you let it be one.

Email: abustion.mp@gmail.com